Best Pen to Write on Fabric: Unleash Your Creativity with Ease

When it comes to personalizing fabric items or adding intricate designs to your projects, having the best pen to write on fabric can make all the difference. From clothing to home decor, fabric pens offer versatility and precision in creating unique and lasting designs. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top fabric pens on the market, providing reviews and valuable insights to help you choose the perfect pen for your creative endeavors. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a DIY enthusiast, finding the best pen to write on fabric is essential for achieving professional results that stand the test of time.

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Overview of Fabric Pens

Fabric markers, also known as fabric pens, are specially designed markers that enable users to write, draw, or decorate on fabric surfaces. These markers are formulated with pigments that are permanent and fade-resistant when applied to fabric, making them ideal for various fabric projects. Fabric pens come in a wide range of colors, tip sizes, and styles to suit different needs and preferences.

One of the key advantages of fabric pens is their versatility on various types of fabric, such as cotton, polyester, and blends. They provide a convenient way to personalize clothing items, accessories, home décor, and crafts with intricate designs, signatures, or messages. Fabric pens can be used for embellishing garments, quilting projects, creating DIY gifts, or adding artistic details to fabric art pieces.

When using fabric pens, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results. Most fabric pens require heat-setting the design with an iron to ensure permanence and washability. Additionally, it is recommended to test the marker on a scrap piece of fabric before applying it to the final project to ensure the desired color intensity and compatibility with the fabric material.

Whether you are a seasoned crafter, DIY enthusiast, or professional designer, fabric pens offer a convenient and creative way to bring your ideas to life on fabric surfaces. With their long-lasting and vibrant colors, fabric pens provide a fun and accessible tool for adding a personal touch to your fabric creations.

5 Best Pen To Write On Fabric

01. Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers

Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, the Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers offer vibrant color and precise application on various fabrics. The bullet tip ensures smooth, controlled lines, perfect for customizing clothing, accessories, or home décor items with ease. The fade-resistant ink withstands multiple washes, ensuring lasting designs that retain their boldness over time.

These fabric markers provide a fun and convenient way to unleash your creativity on fabric surfaces. Whether you’re a novice crafter or a seasoned artist, the Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers are a reliable tool for adding personal touches to everyday items. With a wide range of colors to choose from, these markers are a versatile and essential addition to any craft supply collection.


  • Vibrant and long-lasting colors.
  • Resistant to fading after washing.
  • Fine tip for detailed and precise designs.
  • Quick-drying ink that prevents smudging.
  • Designed specifically for use on fabric.
  • Versatile and suitable for various fabric types.


  • Limited color options compared to traditional Sharpie markers.
  • May bleed through thinner fabrics.

02. Tulip Fabric Markers

Ideal for creative crafters, Tulip Fabric Markers are a must-have for anyone looking to personalize and decorate clothing or fabric items. With a vibrant color selection and easy-to-use design, these markers offer endless opportunities for customization. The fine tip allows for precise lines and intricate details, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced artists.

The fade-resistant and machine-washable qualities of the Tulip Fabric Markers ensure that your designs will last long after they are created. Whether you’re sprucing up old clothes or adding a personal touch to a gift, these markers deliver professional-looking results at an affordable price point. An essential tool for any DIY enthusiast or creative individual.


  • Washable and permanent on fabric.
  • Vibrant and fade-resistant colors.
  • Easy to use with fine tips for detailed work.
  • Versatile for various fabric types.
  • Durable and long-lasting results.


  • May fade after multiple washes.
  • Limited color selection compared to other fabric markers.

03. Fabricmate Fabric Markers

Fabricmate Fabric Markers are a must-have for any DIY enthusiast or artist. The vibrant colors and smooth ink flow make them perfect for creating personalized designs on fabric. They are easy to use, with a fine tip that allows for precise detailing and writing.

The markers are also water-resistant and fade-resistant after setting, ensuring that your designs stay vibrant and intact even after multiple washes. Whether you’re customizing clothing, accessories, or home decor items, these fabric markers are a versatile and reliable choice for adding a pop of color to your projects.


  • Bright and vibrant colors
  • Dual-tip markers for versatility
  • Fade-resistant and long-lasting
  • Ideal for various fabric materials
  • Non-toxic and safe for all ages


  • Limited color selection compared to other fabric markers.
  • May bleed or fade after multiple washes.
  • Not as durable or permanent as other fabric marking methods.

04. Pentel Fabric Gel Pen

A practical choice for artists and DIY enthusiasts, the Pentel Fabric Gel Pen effortlessly glides over various textiles, producing vivid and long-lasting results. Its fine tip allows for precise detailing, perfect for embellishing clothing or personalizing accessories. The quick-drying ink ensures smudge-free application, ideal for intricate designs and quick projects.

With a comfortable grip and vibrant color selection, the Pentel Fabric Gel Pen is a versatile tool for adding flair to any fabric project. Whether you’re crafting custom gifts or updating your wardrobe, this pen delivers consistent and professional-quality results with ease.


  • Smudge-resistant ink
  • Smooth writing experience
  • Permanent and fade-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Ideal for use on fabric and apparel
  • Available in various colors


  • Limited color options compared to other gel pens.
  • May smudge or smear on certain types of paper.

05. Marvy Uchida Fabric Marker

Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, the Marvy Uchida Fabric Marker is a game-changer for creating personalized designs on clothing and textiles. With its vibrant colors and easy-to-use design, this marker is a versatile tool for all your fabric decorating needs. The fine tip allows for precision detailing, while the ink is fade-resistant and machine washable, ensuring long-lasting quality.

Whether you’re customizing a t-shirt, adding flair to a tote bag, or creating unique home decor items, the Marvy Uchida Fabric Marker provides endless possibilities for unleashing your creativity. Compact and reliable, this marker is a must-have for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their fabric projects.


  • Long-lasting and fade-resistant.
  • Versatile for various fabric materials.
  • Water-resistant and machine washable.
  • Non-toxic and safe for all ages.
  • Provides precise and smooth application.


  • May bleed on certain fabrics.
  • Limited color options compared to other fabric markers.

Top Reasons to Invest in a Fabric-Only Writing Pen

Writing on fabric can be a creative and practical way to personalize clothing, accessories, or home décor items. However, not all pens are suitable for this task. The best pen to write on fabric is one designed specifically for this purpose, offering durability and colorfastness to ensure long-lasting results.

When it comes to writing on fabric, ordinary pens may fade or wash out easily, compromising the design’s quality and permanence. That’s where investing in the best pen to write on fabric becomes essential. These specialized pens are formulated with ink that bonds well with fabric fibers, resulting in vibrant and lasting designs.

Whether you’re looking to add a personal touch to a t-shirt, tote bag, or cushion cover, using the best pen to write on fabric ensures your creations remain intact through wear and washing. These pens typically come in a variety of colors and tip sizes, allowing for versatility in design and detail work.

In conclusion, if you enjoy crafting or DIY projects involving fabric, choosing the best pen to write on fabric can make a significant difference in the quality and longevity of your creations. Invest in a reliable fabric pen to unleash your creativity and add a personalized touch to your textile projects.

Choosing the Perfect Pen for Fabric Writing

Looking to find the perfect pen for fabric writing? Selecting the right pen involves considering key factors that can impact the outcome of your project. From ink type to fabric material, make sure to take into account essential aspects to ensure the best results for your fabric writing.

Permanent Ink

One should consider permanent ink when choosing a pen for writing on fabric because it ensures the longevity of the design. Permanent ink is specially formulated to bond with fabric fibers, creating a durable and long-lasting mark that won’t fade or wash out easily. Whether labeling clothing items, creating personalized fabric crafts, or marking quilting patterns, using a pen with permanent ink guarantees that the writing will remain vibrant and clear even after multiple washes. This factor is essential for maintaining the quality and appearance of fabric projects, making it a crucial consideration when selecting the right pen for the job.

Bleed-Proof And Fade-Resistant

Considering bleed-proof and fade-resistant properties when choosing a pen to write on fabric is crucial to ensure the longevity and quality of the artwork or design. Fabric pens with bleed-proof qualities prevent the ink from spreading or feathering on the fabric, resulting in crisp and clean lines. Additionally, fade-resistant pens retain their vibrant colors even after multiple washes, maintaining the visibility and vibrancy of the design over time. By selecting a pen with these properties, one can create lasting and high-quality designs on fabric that will remain intact and vivid for a long time.

Fine Or Ultra-Fine Tip For Precision

Choosing a fine or ultra-fine tip pen for writing on fabric is crucial for achieving precision in the design. The size of the tip directly impacts the level of detail and intricacy that can be achieved on the fabric surface. A fine tip pen is ideal for intricate designs and small details, providing more control and accuracy. On the other hand, an ultra-fine tip pen allows for even finer lines and precise outlining, perfect for delicate work or intricate patterns. By considering the tip size when selecting a pen for fabric, one can ensure that their designs turn out crisp, detailed, and visually appealing.


Choosing a water-resistant pen for writing on fabric is essential to ensure that the markings stay intact even when exposed to moisture. Fabrics are often subjected to various elements like rain or washing, which can cause regular ink to smudge or fade. A water-resistant pen will help prevent the ink from running or bleeding, maintaining the clarity and durability of the markings on the fabric. This factor is particularly crucial for fabric projects that require long-lasting and professional-looking results. By selecting a water-resistant pen, you can be confident that your designs and markings will remain intact even after being exposed to water.

Ease Of Use

Considering the ease of use when selecting a pen for writing on fabric is crucial for a seamless and efficient crafting experience. An easy-to-use pen ensures smooth application on the fabric without causing hand fatigue or discomfort, allowing for precise and controlled writing. This factor also impacts the overall quality of the final design, as a pen that is difficult to use may result in uneven lines or smudges. By choosing a pen that is user-friendly, crafters can focus on their creativity and enjoy the process of bringing their ideas to life on fabric.

Tips For Using Fabric Pens

In this section, you will discover valuable tips for effectively using fabric pens to achieve the best results on your fabric projects.

Firstly, it is important to test the fabric pen on a small, inconspicuous area of the fabric before committing to your design. This will help you ensure that the pen’s ink adheres well to the fabric and does not bleed or smudge.

When using fabric pens, make sure the fabric is clean and free of any wrinkles or creases. Smooth out the fabric on a flat surface to provide a stable and even canvas for your designs.

To prevent the ink from bleeding through the fabric, place a protective layer such as a piece of cardboard or paper underneath the section you are working on. This will also help maintain the integrity of your design and prevent any unwanted markings on other layers of the fabric.

By following these tips, you can maximize the potential of your fabric pens and achieve professional-looking results on your fabric projects.

Different Types Of Fabric Markers

In the section discussing different types of fabric markers, readers will explore the various options available for marking on fabric surfaces. Fabric markers come in a range of types, each offering unique features and benefits to cater to different projects and preferences.

One popular type of fabric marker is the permanent marker, which provides long-lasting and fade-resistant marks on fabric. These markers are ideal for items that require frequent washing or extended durability. Another type is the washable fabric marker, which is designed for temporary or lighter applications that can be easily removed with water or washing.

For those looking to add intricate designs or embellishments to fabric, there are also fine-tip fabric markers available. These markers offer precision and control, allowing for detailed artwork or writing on fabric surfaces. Additionally, some fabric markers are dual-tipped, featuring both a fine tip and a broader tip for versatile marking options.

Understanding the different types of fabric markers can help readers choose the right tool for their specific projects, whether it be permanent markers for lasting designs or washable markers for temporary markings. Each type of fabric marker offers unique advantages, giving users the flexibility to create personalized and professional-quality designs on various fabric materials.

Maintenance And Care For Fabric Pens

Maintaining and caring for fabric pens is essential to prolong their lifespan and ensure optimal performance. To keep your fabric pens in good condition, always store them horizontally with the caps securely closed to prevent them from drying out. Make sure to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to avoid any potential damage to the ink.

When using fabric pens, it is important to clean the pen tips after each use to prevent clogging. Simply wipe the tips clean with a damp cloth or paper towel to remove any excess ink residue. This will help maintain the quality of your lines and prevent any unwanted smudging or bleeding.

If you accidentally leave the fabric pen uncapped and find that the tip has dried out, do not panic. You can try soaking the tip in warm water for a few minutes to revive the ink flow. Additionally, gently shaking the pen or pressing the tip onto a damp paper towel may also help unclog any dried-out ink and restore the pen’s functionality.

Regularly checking the expiration date of your fabric pens is also important. Most fabric pens have a limited shelf life, so using them beyond their expiration date may result in poor ink quality or difficulty in writing on fabrics. By following these maintenance and care tips, you can ensure that your fabric pens remain in excellent condition for all your fabric writing projects.


What Are The Best Types Of Pens To Use When Writing On Fabric?

When writing on fabric, the best types of pens to use are fabric markers and fabric pens. These are specifically designed to work on different types of fabrics and offer excellent color vibrancy and durability. Fabric markers come in various tip sizes and colors, making them versatile for different projects. Fabric pens are also a great choice, as they are easy to use and provide precision when writing or drawing on fabric. Both options are permanent and washable, ensuring that your designs remain intact even after laundering.

Can Fabric Pens Be Washed Without Fading Or Washing Off?

Fabric pens can be washed without fading or washing off if they are specifically labeled as permanent or are heat set according to the manufacturer’s instructions. These pens are designed to withstand washing and maintain their color vibrancy. It is important to follow the care instructions carefully to ensure the longevity of the artwork on fabric. Using a gentle wash cycle and avoiding harsh detergents can also help preserve the design when washing fabric that has been decorated with fabric pens.

Are Fabric Pens Suitable For Different Types Of Fabrics?

Fabric pens are suitable for a variety of fabrics such as cotton, linen, and polyester. However, they may not work as well on slick, waterproof, or heavily textured fabrics. It’s important to test the fabric pen on a small, inconspicuous area of the fabric before beginning your design to ensure the ink will adhere properly and not bleed or smudge. Overall, fabric pens are a versatile tool for adding embellishments and personalizing clothing and home decor items.

How Can I Ensure That The Ink From The Fabric Pen Is Permanent?

To ensure that the ink from a fabric pen is permanent, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Make sure to allow the ink to fully dry and set before using or washing the fabric. Additionally, heat setting the ink by ironing the fabric or placing it in a dryer can help to make the ink more resistant to washing and fading. Always opt for fabric pens that are specifically labeled as permanent to achieve long-lasting results.

Are There Any Tips For Using Fabric Pens To Create Professional-Looking Designs On Clothing Items?

To create professional-looking designs on clothing items with fabric pens, start by pre-washing and ironing the fabric to ensure a smooth surface. Use the fabric pen with a light touch to avoid bleeding or smudging. Practice on a scrap fabric before working on the final piece to perfect your technique. For more intricate designs, use stencils or templates to ensure clean lines. Allow the design to dry completely before wearing or washing the garment for long-lasting results.


In selecting the best pen to write on fabric, it is crucial to consider quality, durability, and versatility. By weighing the options carefully and understanding your specific needs, you can find the perfect pen to bring your fabric projects to life. Remember, the best pen to write on fabric is not just a tool, but a gateway to creativity and personal expression that can elevate your craft to new heights. Choose wisely and let your imagination soar with the right pen in hand.

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