Best Real Grade Gunpla: Unveiling the Ultimate Model Kit Collection

In the realm of Gunpla model building, enthusiasts seek the pinnacle of realism and intricacy. For those passionate about the craft, selecting the best Real Grade Gunpla kit is paramount to achieving exceptional results. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the top-performing Real Grade Gunpla models, providing insightful reviews and essential buying tips for both beginners and seasoned hobbyists alike. Join us on a journey to discover the best Real Grade Gunpla kits that promise unparalleled detail and authenticity in every build.

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Introduction to Real Grade Gunpla

Real Grade (RG) Gunpla is a line of plastic model kits produced by Bandai that offers highly detailed and intricately designed Gundam models in 1/144 scale. These kits are known for their exceptional quality, intricate part separation, and the level of realism they bring to the Gunpla building experience.

First introduced in 2010, Real Grade Gunpla was created to cater to model builders who preferred a higher level of complexity and realism compared to High Grade (HG) or Master Grade (MG) kits, but with the convenience of a smaller scale. RG kits feature a wide range of movement, including flexible joints and articulated features, allowing for dynamic poses and realistic displays.

One of the key highlights of Real Grade Gunpla is the advanced inner frame system, which adds structural integrity and posability while maintaining a compact size. The smaller scale of 1/144 allows for intricate details to be included, such as panel lines, decals, and realistic color separation, resulting in models that closely resemble their anime counterparts.

Overall, Real Grade Gunpla kits offer a challenging and rewarding building experience for both beginners and experienced modelers alike. With their precise engineering, high-quality materials, and attention to detail, these kits have become popular among Gundam enthusiasts seeking a balance of complexity and aesthetic appeal in their model collections.

The Best Real Grade Gunpla

01. RG RX-78-2 Gundam

As an iconic figure in the Gundam series, the RG RX-78-2 model truly lives up to its reputation. The attention to detail on this model is outstanding, from the intricate panel lines to the realistic articulation of its limbs. Building this kit is both enjoyable and challenging, making it a perfect choice for experienced model builders looking for a rewarding project.

Once completed, the RG RX-78-2 Gundam stands as a stunning display piece with its vibrant colors and dynamic poses. Not only does it look impressive on a shelf, but it also offers a range of accessories for customization options. Overall, this model is a must-have for any Gundam fan or mecha model enthusiast.


  • High level of articulation
  • Detailed design and color accuracy
  • Comes with various weapon accessories
  • Easy to assemble and pose
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Great for fans of the Gundam franchise


  • Limited articulation in the knees and elbows.
  • Lack of accessories compared to other Gundam model kits.

02. RG Unicorn Gundam

Featuring stunning detail and dynamic articulation, the RG Unicorn Gundam model kit is a must-have for any mecha enthusiast. The sleek design and color scheme add a modern touch to this iconic mobile suit. The model boasts an intricate transformation feature that seamlessly shifts between its Unicorn and Destroy modes.

Assembling the RG Unicorn Gundam is both challenging and rewarding, offering a satisfying building experience for hobbyists of all levels. The included decals and stickers allow for customization options, enhancing the overall display quality. With its impressive quality and innovative engineering, this model kit embodies the essence of the Unicorn Gundam in a compact and striking form.


  • Highly detailed and impressive design.
  • Easy to assemble and pose with excellent articulation.
  • Comes with a variety of weapons and accessories.
  • Unique transformation feature into Destroy Mode.
  • High-quality plastic materials for durability.


  • Complex transformation process.
  • Limited articulation in certain areas.

03. RG Nu Gundam

With its impressive articulation and intricate design, the RG Nu Gundam model kit offers a fantastic building experience for Gundam enthusiasts. The kit includes various weapons and accessories to customize this iconic mobile suit, allowing for dynamic posing possibilities.

The high level of detail and quality of this Real Grade model make it a standout addition to any Gunpla collection. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned builder, the RG Nu Gundam is a must-have for those looking to recreate the epic battles of the Universal Century.


  • Highly detailed and accurate design
  • Articulated joints for dynamic poses
  • Includes various weapons and accessories
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Excellent color separation for detailed painting options.


  • High price point.
  • Complex transformation process.
  • Limited availability.

04. RG Zeta Gundam

The RG Zeta Gundam model kit is a stunning representation of the iconic mobile suit from the anime series. The intricate details and articulation of this model make it a must-have for any Gundam fan. Building this kit was a fun and satisfying experience, with high-quality parts that fit together seamlessly.

The finished product is a striking display piece, with vibrant colors and a dynamic poseability that truly captures the essence of the Zeta Gundam. Whether you’re a seasoned model builder or a beginner looking to start your Gunpla collection, the RG Zeta Gundam is an excellent choice that won’t disappoint.


  • Highly detailed and accurate design.
  • Great articulation and poseability.
  • Includes multiple weapons and accessories.
  • Impressive color separation.
  • Easy to assemble and panel line.
  • Sturdy construction and durable materials.


  • Fragile parts that are prone to breakage.
  • Limited articulation in certain joints.

05. RG Astray Red Frame

Featuring sleek aesthetics and impressive articulation, the RG Astray Red Frame model kit by Bandai excels in both form and function. The detailed color separation and intricate panel lining make the final product visually stunning, capturing the essence of its anime counterpart flawlessly. Assembly is a breeze thanks to the high-quality plastic components and precise instructions, resulting in a durable and poseable figure that stands out in any collection. Whether you’re a seasoned Gunpla builder or a beginner looking for a rewarding project, the RG Astray Red Frame offers a satisfying building experience and an eye-catching display piece.


  • Unique and striking design
  • Articulated joints for dynamic poses
  • High-quality plastic materials
  • Includes various weapons and accessories
  • Compatible with other robot model kits


  • Limited articulation in the shoulder joints.
  • Some parts may be prone to breaking if not handled carefully.

Top Reasons to Invest in Real Grade Gunpla Kits

For avid enthusiasts and collectors of plastic model kits, the appeal of investing in the best real grade Gunpla goes beyond simply acquiring a hobby item. Real grade Gunpla, renowned for their impeccable detail and high-quality construction, offer enthusiasts the opportunity to engage in a rewarding and immersive building experience. The precision engineering of real grade Gunpla sets them apart as a top choice for model builders seeking authenticity and intricate designs.

One significant reason why people opt to purchase real grade Gunpla is the unparalleled level of realism and accuracy they provide compared to other grades. The attention to detail in these models replicates the essence of the original anime or mecha designs, making them coveted items among fans. The meticulous craftsmanship and innovative features of real grade Gunpla ensure that every piece fits seamlessly together, resulting in a finished product that is both visually stunning and structurally sound.

Moreover, the reputation of real grade Gunpla for their superior articulation and posability make them ideal for dynamic posing and display purposes. Hobbyists appreciate the versatility these models offer, allowing them to showcase their favorite mobile suits in various action-packed scenes. The combination of authenticity, durability, and posability makes investing in the best real grade Gunpla a worthwhile choice for model kit enthusiasts looking to elevate their building experience.

Navigating the Real Grade Gunpla Market: A Buyer’s Guide

To make an informed purchase decision when navigating the Real Grade Gunpla market, there are several vital factors that demand your attention. From considering the level of intricacy and detail to evaluating the design aesthetics and personal preferences, these key aspects play a crucial role in selecting the perfect Real Grade Gunpla model.

Scale Accuracy

Scale accuracy is essential when choosing a real grade gunpla as it directly impacts the overall aesthetic appeal of the model. Ensuring that the scale of the gunpla is accurate enhances the realism and authenticity of the final build, making it more visually pleasing to the eye. A model with correct scale proportions will closely resemble its original design, capturing the essence of the mecha or mobile suit it represents. Inaccurate scale can result in a disjointed and unbalanced appearance, detracting from the overall enjoyment and satisfaction of the build process. Therefore, considering scale accuracy is crucial for a high-quality and visually stunning real grade gunpla.

Detail Level

Choosing a real grade Gunpla with a high level of detail is crucial for enthusiasts who value intricacy and accuracy in their model kits. The detail level in a Gunpla can greatly enhance the overall appearance and realism of the finished product. A higher level of detail also allows for more intricate customization and painting options, resulting in a more personalized and visually stunning final build. Additionally, building a Gunpla with intricate details can provide a more challenging and engaging modeling experience for enthusiasts looking to hone their skills and craftsmanship.

Articulation And Posing Ability

Articulation and posing ability are crucial factors to consider when choosing a Real Grade Gunpla as they directly impact the model’s dynamic display capabilities. A model with excellent articulation allows for a wide range of poses, enhancing the overall aesthetics and realism of the completed build. By having more posing options, enthusiasts can create engaging scenes and bring their Gunpla to life. Additionally, the ability to articulate various parts of the model ensures an enjoyable building and posing experience, offering greater satisfaction for hobbyists who value creativity and expression in their Gunpla projects.

Color Separation

Choosing real grade Gunpla with excellent color separation is crucial to ensure a more detailed and visually appealing final product. With distinct separation between colors on the model kit’s parts, builders can achieve a more accurate portrayal of the mobile suit’s intricate design without the need for excessive painting or detailing. This feature not only enhances the overall aesthetics but also saves time and effort required for manual painting, making the building process more enjoyable and rewarding. By prioritizing color separation in their selection, Gunpla enthusiasts can create high-quality models that closely resemble the authenticity of their favorite mobile suits.

Stickers And Decals Quality

Choosing real grade Gunpla with high-quality stickers and decals is crucial for a more polished and realistic end result. Premium quality stickers and decals not only adhere better to the model but also offer a more true-to-life appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the Gunpla. Detailed and sharp decals can make the model look more professional and visually appealing, elevating the final build to showcase a higher level of craftsmanship. Investing in Gunpla with superior stickers and decals quality ensures that the finished product accurately reflects the intricate details and design of the chosen model, resulting in a more satisfying building experience.

Real Grade Vs. Master Grade: A Comparison

Real Grade (RG) Gunpla kits and Master Grade (MG) Gunpla kits are both popular choices among model kit enthusiasts. The key difference between the two lies in their level of complexity and detail. Real Grade kits are known for their 1/144 scale size and intricate inner frame detail, providing a high level of realism despite the smaller size. On the other hand, Master Grade kits are larger, typically at a 1/100 scale, allowing for more intricate detailing and additional features like lighting gimmicks.

In terms of complexity, Real Grade kits are often likened to the level of detail found in Master Grade kits due to their advanced engineering and parts separation. Despite their smaller size, Real Grade kits offer a challenging build experience similar to that of Master Grade kits. However, some modelers may prefer the larger size and potentially more detailed features of Master Grade kits for a more immersive building experience.

When it comes to articulation and poseability, Real Grade kits are celebrated for their advanced inner frame designs that allow for a wide range of dynamic poses. Master Grade kits also offer great poseability and articulation, typically with more parts and larger size contributing to a broader range of movement. Ultimately, the choice between Real Grade and Master Grade Gunpla kits comes down to personal preference regarding size, complexity, and level of detail desired in the final model. Each grade offers its own unique building experience tailored to different preferences and skill levels.

Real Grade Gunpla Building Tips

In this section, you will find valuable Real Grade Gunpla building tips that will help you achieve the best results with your model kits. To start, always read the instructions carefully before beginning the assembly process. Familiarize yourself with the different parts and steps involved in building your Gunpla to avoid any mistakes or missteps along the way.

When building your Real Grade Gunpla, it’s essential to have the right tools on hand. Make sure you have a sharp hobby knife, cutting mat, tweezers, and sanding tools to help with precise cuts, part removal, and finishing touches. These tools will not only make the building process easier but also contribute to the overall quality of your finished model.

Additionally, it’s crucial to take your time when building your Real Grade Gunpla. Rushing through the assembly can lead to errors, misalignments, and potential breakage of small parts. Patience is key when working on intricate details and ensuring that each piece fits together seamlessly for a polished final product.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to customize and add your personal touch to your Real Grade Gunpla. Whether it’s through panel lining, painting, or adding decals, enhancing your model kit can make it truly unique and showcase your creativity. Experiment with different techniques to bring your Gunpla to life and make it stand out in your collection.

Real Grade Gunpla Customization Ideas

Real Grade Gunpla models offer great opportunities for customization and personalization. Customizing your Gunpla allows you to showcase your creativity and make your model truly unique. There are various customization ideas you can explore to enhance the appearance and performance of your Real Grade Gunpla.

One popular customization idea is painting your Gunpla using different color schemes or adding intricate designs. Custom painting can give your model a more personalized look and bring out its details. You can also experiment with different painting techniques like weathering, panel lining, or decals to add depth and realism to your Gunpla.

Another customization option is kitbashing, which involves combining parts from different Gunpla kits to create a custom model. This is a great way to create a one-of-a-kind Gunpla that reflects your individual style and preferences. Kitbashing allows you to mix and match parts to design unique weapons, equipment, or even entirely new Gundam units.

Additionally, adding aftermarket parts or accessories can further enhance your Real Grade Gunpla. This could include upgrading joints for improved articulation, adding LED lights for a more dynamic display, or incorporating custom decals and stickers for additional detailing. By exploring different customization ideas, you can take your Real Grade Gunpla to the next level and create a model that truly stands out.


What Are Real Grade Gunpla Kits?

Real Grade Gunpla kits are a line of plastic model kits that offer a high level of detail and complexity, despite their small 1/144 scale size. Known for their intricate inner frame structures and advanced articulation, Real Grade kits provide a challenging building experience that appeals to both beginners and experienced modelers.

These kits faithfully replicate the appearance and movement of their respective Gundam mobile suits, making them popular among fans of the franchise. With their realistic detailing and posability, Real Grade Gunpla kits offer a rewarding building and display experience for hobbyists of all skill levels.

What Sets Real Grade Gunpla Apart From Other Gunpla Grades?

Real Grade Gunpla stands out from other Gunpla grades due to its innovative design that combines high levels of detail with small, intricate parts similar to Master Grade kits. The Real Grade line also features advanced articulation, allowing for dynamic posing options that rival those of Perfect Grade kits. These qualities make Real Grade Gunpla a popular choice among hobbyists looking for a challenging build with exceptional realism and poseability.

How Do You Choose The Best Real Grade Gunpla Kit For Your Skill Level?

When selecting a Real Grade Gunpla kit, consider your experience level in building Gunpla. Beginners should start with simpler kits with fewer parts and less intricate details. Intermediate builders can try kits with more parts and additional features like decals and articulation. Advanced builders can challenge themselves with highly detailed kits that require more advanced techniques and customization. Researching reviews and checking the difficulty level indicated on the box can also help in choosing a kit that matches your skill level. Remember to choose a kit that interests you personally, as motivation plays a key role in successfully completing a Gunpla project.

What Are The Top Features To Look For In Real Grade Gunpla Models?

When selecting a Real Grade Gunpla model, consider features such as intricate detailing, high-quality articulation, and a realistic design. Look for models with intricate panel lining and realistic decals to enhance the overall appearance. Additionally, prioritize models that offer a wide range of articulation points, allowing for dynamic posing options. Lastly, ensure the kit includes a sturdy inner frame to support the outer armor pieces for added stability and durability. By focusing on these top features, you can choose a Real Grade Gunpla model that offers both a rewarding building experience and an impressive final result.

How Can You Ensure A Smooth Building Experience With Real Grade Gunpla Kits?

To ensure a smooth building experience with Real Grade Gunpla kits, it is important to carefully read the instruction manual before starting. Familiarize yourself with the different parts and steps involved in the assembly process. Additionally, organizing the parts and tools in a clean and well-lit workspace can help prevent confusion and make it easier to locate specific pieces when needed. Taking your time, following the instructions closely, and being patient with the build process will result in a more enjoyable and successful experience with Real Grade Gunpla kits.


In selecting the best Real Grade Gunpla, it is essential to prioritize quality, detail, and authenticity. The reviews and buying guide have shed light on top-notch models that cater to both beginners and experienced hobbyists. By investing in the best Real Grade Gunpla, enthusiasts can elevate their modeling experience and indulge in the intricate craftsmanship. Embrace the world of Gunpla with confidence and create masterpieces that reflect your passion for this beloved hobby. Best Real Grade Gunpla guarantees an unparalleled journey of creativity and precision.

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